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What do 20 dogs look like before feeding time?

Feb 23, 2011 Saying goodbye to Alexandra
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August 2010
April 2010

L-R: Shadow, Sahara, Shiloh, Goofy & Jason
Can you name them?
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who's missing?

March 2010

(1) Bear, Parker, Sahara, Shep (adopted)

(2) Jason, Zelda, Goofy, Shiloh (adopted)

(3) Chipi, Tiya, Heidi, Thor (both adopted)

(4) Sweetness, Sissy, Charlie, Betsy (adopted)



Goofy & Zelda
     Welcoming Committee

Zelda, Jason, Ashlee, (Loren) Parker, Goofy & Sissy

Parker and Goofy

Stretching before the romp.
    Just Playing
Hanging around on the deck 11/08/09
Outside on a crisp autumn day

some of the gang in the kitchen

Milling around in the living room.

Carols Fur Kids

The approach

The question.  "Should I?"

The answer. "Sure!"

The approach

The attack.

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