2/19: Sadly Xena is being returned.  Big city life, lack of yard and no playmate are contributors so she will need an urban or rural setting and a canine playmate as she had here at Ozark Dogs.  She has developed separation anxiety when they are both gone.  It has reached the destructive level.  The year while she was here she had a real, fully furnished empty human apartment she shared with Lakota.  I think she just needs a canine friend and more access to outdoors.

11/1/15:  Xena is now with Lakota.  She is so agreeable with all dogs she was the perfect yard mate for him.  He is not all that easy to get along with so she was the perfect candidate when his previous yard mate got adopted.  She is a sweet, affectionate girl who would love to have a person in her life full time.

10/21/15: Xena has blossomed since her brother Hercules was separated from her. She was the protector and took on a lot of responsibility. Now she gets to be a puppy herself and has a great time playing with Olaf, that she shares a yard with. She is good on leash. Rolls over for belly rubs. Happy to meet human strangers. Needs proper introductions to dogs and then she is fine.

3/21/15: Xena is a very sweet girl who is littermate to Hercules.   She was going to be a farm girl but those darn chickens were just too tempting.  She is affectionate and very calm, but she does possess a strong protective instinct as displayed in protecting her brother from other dogs.   She is a bit of a hog for attention.  She won't push her human for it, but won't stand back if her human is giving another dog attention.  She wants to be sure she gets her share.  Good on leash.  Needs a little car work as is still a bit unsure. Born in Jan 2014, she still has some growing to do.  She is about 80 pounds.