Winston was adopted.

6/12/07: Winston comes into rescue: He jumped right in the car..... front seat on top of the driver! It was so funny. Reluctantly he got out and moved to the back seat with me. It was only a 10 minute drive home, but he thoroughly enjoyed the obviously new adventure. His nails dug into my thigh for stability, until he finally laid down with his head in my lap. He had no choice where to put his head because he takes up 90% of the back seat.

It is such a shame he had to be shaved down because his coat was so long; that of the Komondor. The matting was far worse then I noticed. He hurt with every step from the pull of the hair, yet he kept a wonderful attitude. He will be magnificent again in no time. As for now, he is beautiful in personality, perseverance and patience. And oh, that smile!

6/10/07: First met Winston: He came running out from under the porch, his whole body 'wagging', excited to see a visitor. That wonderful Komondor face grinning from ear to ear. All this despite the fact that he was covered in ticks and his coat was the worst case of mats we have ever seen.

After Bath

After Shave


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