12/5/14: Wilson's coat is looking good.  He is getting quite handsome.  He is a big duffus.  He is a silly, happy and a VERY big puppy.  Gets along great with other dogs.  Loves people.  Is learning jumping on people is not acceptable.  He is not even a year old yet and I'm guessing 100+ pounds.  He is still too goofy to be around small children.  He will need some rules because of his size and age.  He is smart.  Very agreeable.  Wants to please.  Just very active.

9/21/14: Wilson is beginning to grow his coat back.  He had a very bad case of Sarcoptic Mange.  Not sure on his age but vet guessed 8 months.  Really craves attention and bounces around.  He gets along with other dogs. I suspect would be good with cats too.  He's Pyrenees mix.  Not sure what the mix is, but possibly a mastiff breed.  He is very muscular and solid.