6/6/12:  Weeton crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  He was one of Sahara's puppies, which made him very special.  And I named him for Keeton as a smaller version.  Thus Weeton rather then Keeton.  My deepest sympathies to Marci.

6/20/08: Weeton at his forever home.  He is really growing up.  Word has it that he is greatly loved and adored, but the demolition of an occasional mis-laid shoe does get him in a bit of trouble.

Settling in with his new family: 

2/22/08:  Weeton is growing up and getting more handsome every day.  However, photogenic, he is not.  He is back sharing space with his mom since his sister got adopted and Sahara's roommate did also.  She is teaching him a few things we could do without, like barking at critters in the middle of the night.  Other then that, he is wonderful.  He has remained housebroken, uses the doggie door, does not chew on things that are not his and has a healthy, non-picky appetite.  He loves attention and to be cuddled.  He remains very social.

Weeton @ 15 weeks old

2/03/08: Weeton has learned the stairs and races up and down just like the big guys.  Even though he is inside at night, he has not had any accidents and is sleeping through most of the night.  When he does have to go, he will whimper to be let out.  During the day, he uses the doggie door and is finding his independence.  He is learning a lot from the big dogs he is with and really enjoying them since his sister has found a home and he no longer has someone his own age to play with.

Weeton @ 12 weeks old

Weeton @ 8 weeks old
1/10/08:  It's time he got a name so since he likes to follow Keeton, this seemed appropriate.  He is growing fast, but still one of the smaller ones in the litter.  He is sure changing from the mousy looking little pup that arrived just 11 days ago.  Like children, we can never be sure what they will look like as they get older, but from the changes, this little guy is going to be very handsome.

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