1/3/11: I am so glad that we ended up keeping him at our house.  We ended up having a few more good weeks with him that we would have missed, and getting to be there with him in the end was so meaningful.  I hope to be in touch with you in the future!

      I don't know if I ever emailed you back about Wahya's condition, so I wanted to let you know the full story.  I can't believe it's been so long now! 
     At the end of the summer of 2008 (we got Wahya from you in January of that year), he quite suddenly started to seem very old.  We knew we were adopting an older dog when we got him, but he seemed very young for many months when we brought him home.  Looking back, I think he had energy to run and play because he was in a good home after so many years of being chained up outside, and he was just happy, not young.  Anyway, when his condition worsened, we took him to our veterinarian in Conway, who told us that he was just aging rapidly and that we should keep an eye on his comfort.  We put him on the supplement you recommended as well as some low-dose pain medicine from the vet, and changed his diet to turkey, rice, and veggies that we cooked for him daily, and he did really well for about a month.  Around the middle of August, though, we could tell that he wasn't going to be with us much longer.  He required help to get up the steps in the backyard to get into the house, and he was beginning to have accidents when he couldn't make it to the back door in time to go out.  When I had knee surgery around the same time, I became unable to assist him in getting back inside, so while Chris was at work during the day, Wahya stayed outside on the porch.  We had unseasonably cool weather at the end of that summer, and I still thought he might pull through whatever was making him weak.  After a few days, though, we made an appointment with our vet to have him put to sleep because we didn't want him to be in pain.  The evening before his appointment, I was cooking Wahya's supper when I heard him bark at the back door.  He hadn't barked in at least two weeks, so I thought that was very strange.  I went outside and sat down on the porch with him, and he put his big fuzzy head in my lap.  He laid down next to me, curled up, and passed away quietly within about two minutes.  It was the strangest thing, but I guess he knew he was about to go and wanted me to know.  I am so glad that he was never in serious pain and that I was able to be there with him, and that he passed away gently of old age.
      I'm sorry that it took me so long to write to you.  We were both so sad over losing our precious old boy that it was too hard to write at first, and then before I knew it it had been two years!
     Chris and I both still cannot believe that in the less than a year we had with our big old boy, we fell so much in love with him.  Wahya was the sweetest, snuggliest, most gentle, absolute best dog in the world, and we still miss him terribly.  I am so thankful that I found him through your organization, and that we were able to give him a safe, happy, comfortable home for the last part of his life.  We definitely plan to adopt again, and want to adopt a Great Pyrenees like Wayha again someday.  I am in graduate school in Little Rock now, and Chris and I both have said that as soon as I'm finished, we want to get in contact with you and start looking for the next dog we can help.

3/11/08:  He is just wonderful!  Wayha has settled in very nicely, the kitties love him and he likes to snuggle with them a lot.  He's very attached to me, but he's okay being away from me while I'm in class.  I made him a really big fluffy bed next to mine, and he sleeps next to me all night, but occasionally gets up to go check on Chris in the other room.  Since we have wood floors, it gets pretty cold in our house overnight and he wakes up with stiff joints (just like me!), but the past few days he's acted years younger!  I think it's because the weather is finally warming up.  We got about 6 inches of snow last week, and he loved playing in it.  He loves his daily walk, and is very good on the leash.  He never even tried to mark in the house, or in my mom's house, so that was a relief.  He also gets along very well with my mom's dog--she's trying to teach him how to fetch.

Wayha's absolutely an irreplaceable part of our family, we love him so much!
My camera is broken, but I'm going to get it fixed soon and when I do I will send you pictures of Wayha.
I really appreciate your help, and I am so glad we were able to adopt him!       Meredith

2/20/08: Wayha has been adopted.  This is the first email from his new mommy:   We are here safe and sound!  The trip back the way you guys suggested was much, much better.  Wayha settled right in, hasn't even tried to mark, and went potty outside very well.  He has settled down for bed well, and we're going to introduce the cats within the next few days so he'll have a little while to get used to us and the house before they are together.  I'll give you an update in a few days!


1/14/08: Wayha has been neutered, teeth cleaned, CBC, disease tested and updated on immunizations.  The vet said he is about 6 years old.  Maximum 8.    No way is he 11 as the owner claims. (I didn't think he could be very old). He weighs 101 pounds and is just right. He shares space with Sahara and they get along great. Annie also spent some time there and he felt like a real king with 2 pretty pyr girls to keep him company.  He is mildly heartworm positive but vet says with regular heartguard once a month, he should be heartworm free in 6 to 8 months.  He has a 'hot spot' which is clearing up nicely.  Just had to have his side partially shaved.

12/24/07: "Yo Yo" as we have now nick named Wayha (because we keep forgetting how to pronounce his name) is adjusting fantastically well. We added a doggie door into the wall of the shop and put a small outdoor kennel so he can be in or out at will. He is very good about doing his job outside but is a tad confused about the cars in the shop and thinks tires are to be 'marked'. I think he would do fine in a house with a doggie door because he had not marked other items, just the tires.

He is also in a room where dog food is stacked and he has no interest in getting into it. He waits until it is put into his bowl. There is a lot of things he could get into, but has not bothered a thing. He has his toys and bones and blankets and he has not bothered a single thing that was not given to him.

12/14/07:  So far he is just great. Jumped right in the back of the SUV and into the crate for the ride to the groomers. Loved riding in the back seat of the car coming home. Loved the attention. Was not to crazy about staying in the kennel when I left, but then I don't blame him. After a few 'wolf howls', he settled right down into the dog house and was quiet all night. He will spend time in the shop today and we will see if he is still housebroke as he was years ago before having to stay outside.

He is a big boy and very sweet. He was great for the groomer, even having to have the mats shaved from his tail and underside. He does still have a luscious coat.

History: Wayha, pronounced Y-Ya which is Cherokee for Wolf.  He has been much loved. He has only had one home since he was a puppy. He was an indoor companion until his owner became disabled with arthritis. He has spent the past few years on a chain because of her fragile condition and fear he might accidentally bump her. She has been unable to care for him for some time so has sadly agreed he needs a new home with love and attention where he can spend his Senior years.

He is 10 years old but one would never guess it. He has the energy and playfulness of a puppy. He probably weighs 90 pounds. He will be completely vet checked, neutered, teeth cleaned and brought up to date on immunizations..

Learning the doggie door

Saying "Hi"
Waiting to greet me
Favorite space
Ready for a nap

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