8/15/15:  Wanda was adopted in 2 1/2 years ago.  Circumstances changed for the adopter so Wanda is in need of a forever home.  She has been out on a farm with lots of room but now at 4 1/2 years old, she can settle in to a house and yard size area to keep watch over.

9/3/12: Wanda had never gotten in a house nor got to play with another dog before.  She is having the best time of her life.  She is a quick learner so it is imperative that her examples be good, be it canine or human.   She is very affectionate and discovered being part of a family is the greatest feeling on earth.  She will cuddle on the bed with you and keep you really warm in the upcoming winter months.  A little too cuddly for warm weather :-) 

She loves a walk and is doing reasonably well on leash for her first experiences.  She gets along great with other dogs but will try to mimic if her dog friend takes issue with another one.  She has been great in the house (as long as you don't mind a dog on the furniture, which we don't).  No accidents.  No tearing or chewing on anything other then the toys she has been given for that purpose.  She is good in the car to go for a ride.  She would be great with respectful children.  Nothing seems to bother her other then another dog trying to take her food away from her.  She has no issue with a human taking something from her bowl or mouth.

She is an 18 month old Pyrenees mix.  Possibly with Great Dane.  She is very long in the body. 

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