Vi was a retired service dog.  Her mistress was blind, but Vi was retired early.  She developed health problems after only a year of service.  Luckily they were able to keep her as a pet when her duties were taken over by Fawn.   Vi was a comedian.  When I came into her life, the first thing I recall was the 4:00 a.m. request for "Woofles".  She loved waffles and she did an excellent job of vocalizing it.   Her vocabulary was not limited to 'woofles'.  She'd say  'geruf' which sounded alot like 'get up'. There were so many sounds.  Truly a canine adaptation of people talk.

 She was older and her eye sight had deteriorated.  She was a gentle dog, but since she could not see, she would snap at your hand when you hand fed her.  I learned to be quick. They were the special times and needed to remain that, even at the cost of a few fingers now and then. She definitely enjoyed every day of her retirement..