Georgie Girl aka Velvet

7/23/09: She no longer hides and even comes to see who is at the front door.  She loves her morning walks and insists on them rain or shine.  
5/09/08: Georgie and I are becoming great friends.  She's really well behaved and let's me know when she wants to go out... otherwise she's here in my office by my desk snoozing away while I work.  When I go to bed, she gets up and is "on duty" and lays by the door near the foot of my bed on guard for all whom roam in the night.
      Thank you so much for spending so much time with me while I was making my decision on which dog to take.  Georgie as it turns out is a great fit.  And although she is probably a bit angry with me today for "doing this to her" I think she'll be fine in a few days.     Robin

4/02/08: Velvet has settle right in once she knew she was in a safe place with people who cared about her. She is afraid of the leash and unfamiliar objects in your hand.  I had to lay the camera down and let her sniff it and inspect it before she was comfortable for me to take her pix.  She is learning the doggie door.  So far she is more comfortable outside, but seemed to find inside quite interesting.  Once finished exploring, she laid down. She is very gentle and very calm.  She is a pretty girl, small for a Pyr but very fluffy.  Not sure what she might be mixed with but she has the double dews on one foot and single on the other.  I'm guessing she is about a year old.  

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