Tucker went to his forever home on 1/7/12.  Below are 1/8/12 pix with his new canine sister Zelda.

Everything went really well. Tucker did a bit of growling, but for the most part he and Zelda got on well. They played and chased each other in the yard and layer next to each other on the floor in the living room. They ate dinner without incident. Tucker slept next to the bed all night. Tucker is completely uninterested in the cats. We are all going to go on a walk this afternoon.   Angie

Tucker is one affectionate guy.  He would love to be your lap dog.  He's outgoing, happy, learns quickly.  Being inside is a new experience for him but he loves it.  He has moved into the house pack and is doing great.  The other dogs accepted him without incident.  He has blossomed in the short time since his sister Jane got adopted.  She was not dominate, but there was a bit of sibling rivalry.
    He loves to go for a walk or a ride.  He is fine loose in the back seat of a car or SUV.   I think he would be great with children or senior citizens and all in between.   I do not know how he is with cats or chickens.  He is definitely an inside companion dog.

Jane in front, Tucker in back on each
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