12/2/15:  Trip has been in a foster home for about 5 months now.  He is doing great.  Loves the farm.  Great with the chickens.  Great with the other dogs.  Loves the creek and ponds. Loves coming inside and cuddling with the humans.  Loves the young grandson.  Applicants will be put in touch with the foster mom so they can learn more about him. 

9/13/14: Trip does not like the camera flash.  It might hurt his eyes.  He is such a sweet boy.  Needs attention so much.  He would love to snuggle after a good swim and game of chase. 

Trip continues to love the water but with winter here he will lose his pool.  A home in a warm year around climate would be perfect for him, but being loved is more important. 

7/6/14: Trip got a bath.  Snapped a few pix before taking him off lead.  Knew it was my only chance before he went swimming.  He loves the water.

5/26/14: Trip will have surgery on his eyes.  He should be just fine.  Like the wading pool.  Rode good in the car.  He let me know when he needed me to stop for him to potty.  Needs leash work.  Still pretty insecure of his surroundings but only been here a few hours.   I really don't see Pyrenees in him.  I see Brittany Spaniel and not sure what else.  He will be a pretty boy once he is groomed and gets his eyes fixed.  Not sure on age yet.  He is small, maybe 50 pounds.