Trevor crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  A letter from his family:

I was playing on the internet and ran across your website. Looking at the 'adopted' lists I saw 'Trevor' and tears came to my eyes. I had adopted him ... in I believe 2006-2007. He was renamed Cujo, and was a constant companion. He was such a wonderful dog. He passed away 8/3/11, and I still miss him terribly. Thank you for rescuing him and giving me a chance to love him.

Rachel Burger


Trevor was a neglected stray picked up by animal control and ready to be euthanized.  Now he is happy, healthy, neutered and gaining weight steadily.  He is ready for that one special person who will give him the time and attention that has been missing from his life.
He is just a big goof ball who is learning how to play for the first time.  The hound insists everyone play with her and Trevor has a great time chasing, but failing to catch her until she stops and waits for him to catch up. 
Trevor must be in the house to stay cool in warm weather.  He can not tolerate the heat.  He has never had an accident inside, never gotten into anything and uses the doggie door.  He only barks when I close him outside while I try to clean or we are eating.  Just my rule.  He sleeps inside where ever he chooses.  Usually that is either on the floor next to our bed or on the tile floor in other parts of the house.  He never attempts to get on the furniture.  He does like to check on us in the night and be sure we are ok.  If he is sleeping in one of the other rooms, I will hear him come in, stick his nose up on my side of the bed and then go back off into the other room. 
He is a dry mouth and only has a little drool when he drinks.  He hardly sheds at all,

Trevor is a very big 'couch potato' only he confines his sprawling to doorways and AC vents.  When you walk by, he is sure to roll over and wait for his belly to be rubbed.  He gets along with other dogs and also cats.  The cat at the vet's office played with his tail for some time and he didn't mind a bit.  He was really good at the groomers getting a bath and doesn't mind his nails trimmed.  He loves to be brushed. Actually he enjoys any kind of affectionate attention. 

 He needs to be an inside dog, especially in warm weather.  In winter he would probably enjoy a little outside time in a nice yard.  A canine playmate would be fine, but not necessary for his happiness.  Being with people and going for car rides are his main pleasures.

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