3/05/09: Tommy is doing just fine. He has adapted to his large fenced yard. He loves to chase squirrels. He hasn't caught any yet.       Dan & Mollie

Tommy settling in with human Megan and dogs Holly & Gertie during his 'layover' to his forever home with Megan's parents.
1/18/09:  Tommy has come back and is truly in need of that Forever home.  On 8/21/08 he went to be a companion to a man who is terminally ill with cancer.  Sadly the cancer spread to his brain and caring for Tommy has just become too much.

Tommy has really "filled out" in the past 5 months.  His coat has grown even softer and fuller then before.  However, he does need to go on a diet.  It took Tommy no time at all to remember me, this place and his buddies.  The games were on! 

I cannot stress enough what a great dog Tommy is. Once you meet him, and get to know him, he is absolutely beautiful, both inside and out. I can picture him in almost any family:  Curled up with an elderly person, making every step they make, watching out for them, Going on hikes with a young, active person, or  playing with a house full of children, romping around like the puppy he still is (at age 2 years). He gets along with all other dogs and enjoys playing with them also. But he also respects when they don't want to play and is not a pest. You could not ask for a more perfect Pyrenees mix dog.

 He minded everything that is asked of him and never gave me any problems.   He never marked or got into trouble. He got along with all the other dogs and the cat. He is energetic and playful. He even let me give him a bath (although reluctantly) after he found a nice mud hole in the yard after a big rain storm. I think he understands now that muddy feet mean the bath tub so he was being careful not to go 'wadding' anymore.

He slept on the floor on my side of the bed. He rarely barked. He is happy for attention, but not insistent. He has no issues and food is not a big deal for him. Someone out there is missing a really great chance at a wonderful life with this outstanding fella.

He is an awesome dog and would fit into almost any lifestyle that included a yard, inside privileges and either people or another dog to play with. DOB approx. Dec 2006.

Pix from Nov. 2007

Tommy has been waiting all his life for a forever home. He was dumped in the country with his sister as a new born pup. She did not survive, but Tommy was a determined little guy. The lady who bottle fed him and cared for him was not to be his forever home. At 8 months he ended up in a shelter. At 9 months he came into my rescue. At 12 months old, he went to what was thought to be his forever home. Then, after 5 months, he was returned to me because the JRT taught him to chase the horses.

Tommy stayed with me for several months before another home was deemed 'forever'.  Due to the spread of cancer in his adopter, Tommy must again come back and try a fourth time to find a forever home where he will not have to leave again.  BTW, he no longer chases horses.

Tommy does not seem to have been affected by all the changes that have taken place in his life. He is happy, loves attention, shows no aggressions toward people, dogs, cats or over food. His main pleasure in life is to be next to his human. But he also loves to run and play with other dogs. He has not met a dog he didn't like, even those who did not like him.

He is housebroke, has outgrown the chew stage, and has a great mix of guardian dog and working dog personality. Nice even tempered with medium energy level.

He is current on immunizations, neutered and micro-chipped.           

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