1/17/11:  Good news for Toast.  It was thought Toast would need surgery on both ears but after getting a second opinion (my old vet came out of retirement for one day just for me) it is determined that the infection can be cured with medication and aside from the typical battle German Shepherds wage against chronic ear infections, he is going to be in tip top shape in a few weeks.  It was also determined that Toast is only around 6 years old.  Guess it's just those faux Shar Pei wrinkles on his brow that make him look like a dashing Senior. 

12/30/10:  Toast and me.  Tiya looks on.

12/27/10:  All tests have come back negative.  He must have had just one nasty virus that has run it's course. He is looking great and feeling great and full of playfulness. 

A lot of money was spent on x-rays and tests for Toast so donations would still be greatly appreciated.

12/21/10:  What an improvement in less then 2 weeks!  Still no diagnosis, but well on his way to looking and acting healthy.

12/12/10:  Toast is really starting to look and act much better.  Still a little gurgling when he breathes, but mostly when we go out in the cold air for potty time.  I believe he has even put on a little weight.  I'm feeding 3 times a day.   I'll take him in to the vet for a re-check tomorrow.  

12/9/10:  Toast is not up for adoption at this time as he has medical needs.   He has a severe upper respiratory infection that needs further diagnosis and his inner ears are in terrible shape.  They have been so neglected and so infected that both ear canals are almost fully closed.  Very difficult to medicate and get into the infection to clean it out without putting him under anesthesia.   But the ability to breath comes first.  He may have the most severe case of kennel cough known to dogdom, canine influenza, or distemper, nasal palops (sp) or even cancer.   Blood work has been done but no definitive answers.  After a night at the vets on an IV and some meds, he seems to be looking better.  He was very glad to come 'home'. 

As Toast becomes more comfortable, I will get more photos.  He did not like the flash and he just feels rotten so I don't want to stress him any more then necessary.  He is skin on bones, weighing 78 pounds.  For his height and structure, he should be 100 pounds.  He is a big boy.  His ears are so bad, he keeps them down, but he has perked them up several times.  When they are well, I'm sure they will stand up like the German Shepherd he is.

He is very camera shy and the 'click' of the shutter scares him so getting photos without stressing him was hard.