2/20/11: Rita reports that Tiya is doing well and settling in although still unsure.  She has checked out the cat, the home and the yard and seems content.
2/8/11:  Tiya went to her forever home.  She will be living in southern Arkansas in a cabin in the woods with a retired lady and a cat.

Griffin & Tiya
Tiya & Zuess
Video taken 3/18/10:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8a4_E2O7AM   got this video up of Tiya and Heidi playing.  It's a bit long, but I still have not learned the editing software. 

photos 2/04/10:  Tiya loves being in the house with us.  She is ok in the shop, but really needs more people time.   She is just such a sweet, happy girl who really needs a family of her own.

11/24/09:  Tiya has not had anyone to love and care for her in a long time.  We know this because x-rays showed she had a broken leg about a year ago.  It was never set and just had to heal on it's own. It healed quite well under the circumstances, especially since she was carrying a litter of pups during the healing process.  (Don't you just want to strangle some people).   She limps but the vet said with good nutrition and doggie supplements it should not give her problems.  However, Tiya will know her exercise limitations and they should be honored.

11/11/09: Tiya was timid at the shelter but learned to trust quickly.  In just a few days she blossomed into a happy, social girl.  She loves being in the house and made herself right at home by our feet.  She was so comfortable, she even took a nap. She learned the doggie door but prefers the 'in' direction as opposed to the 'out'.  She did enjoy exploring the property.  She has no desire to run off.  She would keep looking back to be sure she could see me and responded to my call.  She is about 2 1/2 or 3 years old.   I believe she was a livestock guardian and would now like to be a people guardian. She has been fine with most other dogs, but just like people, we can't like everyone.  I would like to see her be a guardian for a couple or single person who would like a sense of security and a loyal companion who she would give her love to, unconditionally.   

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