Barney aka TinTin

Dear Ms. Carol,
 I wanted to thank you for all the work you do - it's truly amazing!  I especially wanted to email you to thank you for taking Tin Tin, even though he is not Komondor or Great Pyrenees.  He is my emotional support animal now, and we will be training so that he can be my psychiatric service animal in the future!  He is truly wonderful and calm (my family was afraid of all dogs previous to meeting him, but now they adore him and are less afraid!)
            He currently lives with me in my dorm and seems to be very content with all the attention he gets on my floor and very friendly (though will occasionally bark to let me know someone new is here).  He is friendly towards all dogs (never barks back or lunges) and thankfully does not bark the way your blog described he did all night. I'm really thankful for your blog because now I know why he gets scared when anyone's face gets too close to his neck (you mentioned a neck injury that required stitches).  
       I'm sad that Olaf hasn't been adopted yet, even though he came in around the same time as Barney - but I hope he will be soon!  I wish I could thank him for being protective of Barney!
      If you have any more information on Barney, I'd love to learn more about what his backstory was, where he came from, etc.  
    Thank you so much!  He has really changed my life for the better!
Sincerely,   Yooni
6/16/15:  TinTin got a 'summer do'.  Looks like a different dog! 

6/10/15: TinTin.  A little dog!  Hey, you know this Pyr person is no good with tiny breed guesses.