Scarlet aka Tildi

Update from Scarlets family. 11/29/09: I've been meaning to send a few pictures of scarlet to you. Every Sunday we bring her to the nursing home where Stephanie's 103 year grand mother lives. She is loved by everyone and brings great joy to their lives.   Brian
7/28/09: Just a quick update. Scarlet (Tildi) is a different girl now. She seems so much happier. She also has fallen in love with a neighbor as the picture indicates.
5/08/09: She is doing very well. She gets into her share of trouble (digging, stealing lunches) but nothing that we can't handle. She seems to have found several places for her to hide so she can have some quiet alone time.    Brian
4/17/09: Tildi is doing great. The kids love her and she alternates sleeping in their rooms. She is quite the hit when we walk her to pick the kids up from school. She hasn't stolen any food yet- she has been caught with her head inside a box of her treats though.

4/10/09: Tildi went to her forever home today.  Thanks Stephanie and Brian for opening your home to this sweet girl.

3/27/09: Tildi has proved to be a wonderful girl. She is delightful, playful and just happy to have both humans and dogs to be around. She got right in the crate for the 3 hour trip home and didn't complain at all. She also road in the car to the groomers and did just fine in the back seat. She liked all the people at the groomers and was real cooperative for her bath and nail trim.

She has been playing with all 9 of the other dogs and they are getting along fine. She is neither alpha nor submissive, but she will stand her ground if bossed around.  She has no food or space issues. She does NOT like cats.

She is curious and adapting well to both the yard and inside the house. It is obvious she was an inside/outside dog. Knew the doggie door. Respects both the furniture inside and the fence outside. She is a little too curious about stuff on the kitchen counter but all I have to do is 'clear my throat' and she gets her nose back down. She is walking well on leash.

She is very smart and determined.  If she wants something bad enough, she will work until she finds a way to get it. Example: I have 3 cross fenced areas and she wanted into another area.  She searched the 3 acres until she found a space she could squeeze through.  She was very proud of herself! 

She will test the limits (trying out the sofa or getting on the bed), but a firm 'no' and she understands and complies. With consistency, Tildi will be a very EASY dog.

I believe she is just barely a year old. She is mostly Pyr, but may be mixed with Akbash. She is absolutely a delight. Who ever gets approved to adopt Tildi will be one very lucky family.

Tildi interacting with some of the other dogs & the cat.    To see Tildi at play with Mr. Duke, click here:


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