Tidbitof Wisdom

Things that may help make positive changes in ones life.


God Always Answers our Prayers.  
He either changes our circumstance or changes our attitude.


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My friend Kathy gave me this suggestion. It works if you let it.
Take any kind of small container that has a lid.  I used an old 1 pint mayonnaise jar. This will become "God's Jar".  Every time you have a problem that nags at you, write it on a small piece of paper.  Fold it up and put it in God's Jar.   Now the important (and hard) part.  You have just turned it over to God.   Don't be an 'Indian giver".  Let go of it and let God handle it.   Add to the jar as often as you need to.  When it starts getting full or at least one month has gone by (no sooner), then open the jar and read through all the note/problems.  Thank God and throw away the ones that are no longer a problem.   Put the others back in the jar and vow to "let go and let God" do His work.  You may find that some of the notes may be placed back in the jar over and over again.  Now it is time to realize that the problem is 
you and God has been working to make your attitudechange.  I had one in the jar for 7 years before I realized it was not the other person who was the problem,   but it was my attitude about them that was.


Happy Day Insurance
Take 10 minutes at the start of your day to make a list of 10 Positives.  I call it my "Thank You God" list.  Write down  all the things you are thankful for.   A diary, a floppy in the computer or  just a tablet will work. A mental list should only be an occasional last resort. Your list may start with "I am reasonably healthy" or "I had a good night's sleep".  It can be much deeper. "My family is a loving unit".  Or on a really bad morning it might begin with "I woke up!"  "The house didn't burn down!".   Make a new list every day.  Try not to repeat anything from previous days.   And when the world seems to really crash in on you, get out your lists and read them.

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Quitting Too Soon?
(An acknowledgement to Pastor William Goodin)
Each morning after breakfast,  I sit at the computer and curl my hair.  I play FreeCell, a form of Solitaire at the same time.  One hand on the curling iron and one hand on the mouse.  This Christmas morning was no exception.  I know that all but one of the possible card outlays in FreeCell can be won, so if I get 'stuck' I 'restart' the same game until I win.  It is easy to 'start over'.  Maybe too easy.  Have we made our life like that?  Make a mistake, reach a point we 'consider' failure, so we scrap all we have accomplished and move on.  There was a saying about 'playing the hand you're dealt'.  Then there was Kenny Rogers with "Know when to hold 'em, Know when to fold 'em".  Does everyone find that ability as difficult as I?  
My pastor use to say to me, "Carol, if God locks the door,  you try to climb through the window".  My response was always,  "But how do I know that He didn't want me to find another way in"?
Today I found a clue in this almost always winnable card game.  Consider the cause!!   Is what I am doing 'right with God'?  If it is,  then I will win.   Maybe it will be on the first try.  Maybe it will take persistence with the 'hand I am dealt'.  Sometimes I may have to 'fold' and play a new 'hand'.  If it is right with God, it will happen in His time, not mine.  And if it is not my intended success, then He will distract me and give me a new direction. When He locks the door,  He will open another.  He won't make me climb through the window.