Ruffus the Dufus aka Thunder

"Ruffus" the dufus is doing well.
He was a little (Lot) clumsy the first few days. He seemed like his legs were to to long for his body. He had trouble on hardwood floors. He was 31 lbs. at that time (2 weeks ago) but is now 43 lbs and is able to get around fine and run outside.
    He eats like a horse and chews like a goat. He seems to have bonded with me and my wife but seems to go to the bathroom in the house when I leave even though he seems to know to go outside.
   He has learned the sit command, his name, and we are working on the come here command. He has a 113 lbs. malamute sister and they love to be together. He does seem smart and wants to be near us all the time. He has not shown any social problems but has barked when my kids come home late at night. He gets along with our friends and neighbors and thier pets as well.
    His hair has become a little wavy on top and less of a soft fuzzy fur outer coat.
We just love him!!!

Rufus with his new companion. 




He is a very happy, playful little boy. His tail waves and curls high over his back as he scampers around with his littermates. He loves people attention and will try to wedge out his littermates for the best spot. He has picked one spot way in a corner of the kennel to 'do his job' . When in the house, he knows to use the doggie door and has not had any accidents as long as he is within eyesight of the door. He is learning that a leash is ok..

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