12/23/12: Thomas crossed the Rainbow Bridge just hours after arriving at his forever home.  So tragic for all.

10/27/12: Thomas had the growths removed and his drooling is now almost gone.  He doe not seem to be in any pain from the procedure and is thoroughly enjoying all the home cooked soft food.  He will be back on kibble in about 2 weeks. 

8/22/12:  Thomas is a sweet old fella who would really like a family to call his own for the years he has left.  He does have problems, but then we all develop limitations when we get old.  He walks a little slow.  Sometimes he gets a little confused where the door is.  He has vision problems.  The nerves that send the message from one eye to the other don't work right so sometimes it is too bright in a room for the one eye or too dark for the other.  Soft lighting and night lights are the solution.  If we need sunglasses, then his walk needs to wait until it is less bright outside. 

Yes, Thomas will be like caring for the elderly, but he will give you the love you felt when your grandma hugged you.  He will make you feel better when it seems the rest of the world has turned it's back on you.  You will know you are appreciated for every kind word and act, for every belly rub and hug. 

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