6/24/15:  Thelma and her sister Louise have been here a year.  Thelma is so beyond ready for a forever home.  She is lonely for a human.  She gets so excited for the small amount of human interaction she gets.  Loves her walks and petting and brushing.  Due to space, she has not been able to live inside the house but has a big house she shares with Hawk.  She enjoys laying on the deck in front of the doggie door where she can feel the Air Conditioning blow on her.   She is a beautiful girl with a loving personality. 

July 2014: Thelma and her sister Louise came in June at the age of 11 months.  They had an appetite for chicken only didn’t wait for it to be served. 

Thelma is a very social girl.  She loves to give hugs.  Standing on her hind feet, she can wrap her paws right over your shoulders and nuzzle you with affection.  She has an outgoing personality.  Loves everyone she meets.  She also thinks they all need a welcome hug. 

She is good on leash and in the back seat of the car.  She has no apparent issues.  She is a ‘grazer’, eating slowly.  She is not food motivated.  Attention is more important.  She gets along with other dogs, male and female.  Her outgoing personality does give her more of a leader position, but she does not demand it.   She has not shown any prey drive so the chicken issue could have been the typical puppy “it must be a toy” stage.  But to be safe, probably not a good idea to put her on a farm with free range chickens.  She might have just too much fun at their expense. 

She was said to be all Pyrenees, but I am leaning toward a little ASD in the mix.  She was born in July 2013.