Tessas' Puppies

All are adopted through Mountain Pet Rescue in Colorado.
Female:   Marla wants to snuggle.  She will definitely want to be a lap dog.  It is obvious she had the most human attention.
Female:   Splash has the most enthusiasm.  Wants to be where the action is.  Enticing others to play.  An active little girl who may want to be a leader someday.
Female:   Shelby is a follower.  She wants in on the action. 

Shelby, Splash & Marla
Male:   Paws is a bit skittish.  Not as quick to trust people.  He's kind of the 'ugly duckling' of the litter but you can see the desire in his eyes to be loved.

Paws & Evan
Male:   Wyatt is indecisive.  Starts one direction and then changes his mind.  Inquisitive.  Very aware of all around him.
Male:   Evan is quite the deep thinker.  He sizes things up before he joins in the play.  He is more of a spectator.   
Female:   Brandy is independent and will find things to amuse herself.  She will pick up a toy (or mommas' tail) while the others are playing together.