Tessa & Pups

2/27/13: Tessa is doing great in her foster home.  She has learned to trust and learned how to be a dog.  She gets along great with the other dogs.  She is building self confidence.  She is a total love.

1/11/13: Tessa:  Sweet 3 year old momma of 8.  Pyrenees / Anatolian mix.  Bought as a goat guardian, she was brought into the house when she had her puppies on Thanksgiving day.  She is still trying to decide if inside is OK because the living conditions were deplorable and she was not let out to potty.  A little shy but so ready to warm up to kindness.  She does not have food issues with me.  I have re-directed to her bowl away from her puppies food with no problems.  She does subtly let her pups know they are in her bowl, which is the motherly thing to do.   She was not in good physical shape but even 2 days of good food and worming, and she is really showing improvement.  This is only day 2 so a lot more to learn about her.