He's wonderful! Everyone loves him. I'm pretty sure my family would steal him if I'd let them close enough.

I can not thank you enough for everything you did for him.

I thought you might enjoy an updated photo of him. I was looking at the photos you had on your website today, and he's definitely filled out a bit since then (in a good way)!


July 2010
update from his new 'mommy'.  11/26/09:  Everything is going well. Tanner is adapting to his new home. I've introduced him to my parent's and my sister's dogs and he is thrilled. He's definitely made some canine friends.
     He's doing okay with his medication. He's not a fan of the ear drops, but it won't be much longer before he's done. I'll get him the second dose of the hooks medication tomorrow.
    Thanks again for the follow-up call. I hope you're having a wonderful thanksgiving!   Kim
11/21/09: Hi Carol. I just wanted to let you know that Tanner and I made it back to Nashville safely. He's currently checking out his new digs. Hope he likes them!   Thanks again for everything you did! You are so wonderful and all your dogs are so lucky to have you.
   Thank you for the leash and collar as well. He looks quite good in red.
   I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I'll be in touch with an update in the next couple weeks. THANKS!!  Kim
This little 17 pound boy is at Animal Control.  They will try to hold him as long as possible, but no assurance how long that might be.    Gals at AC said he does not potty in his kennel.  He waits to be taken out.  That is a good sign. I took him in for a grooming and what a difference!  He was fine being carried into the groomers (a little unsure of the leash), and although scared, was very good.  He cleaned up really nice.  Hardly recognize it's the same boy.  Groomer said he was really good for his bath, nail trim, brush out, expressed his glands and ear cleaning.  He was covered in fleas.  He was fine with dogs his size and was eager to get acquainted but very scared of the bigger dog.  AC said the same thing.   He is # 2312 as does not have a name there.  I just named him Tanner because it seemed to fit.


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Before the grooming.