Howie B. aka Swiffer

Howie B. has a forever home.  Amazingly, he is living just across the street from Shaggy so they have play dates.

Howie B. & Shaggy

9/25/10: Swiffer was at an animal control scheduled to be euthanized.  He is a sweet young boy about 7 to 8 months old.  He rode well, loaded good and walks on leash nicely.  He is playful and happy around the other dogs.   He learned the doggie door by watching the others.  It is obvious he was not allowed inside before, but he has made himself quite at home.  He has not marked in the house and not gotten into anything.  No counter surfing or picking up shoes.   He is very people affectionate but not demanding.  He does not challenge the fence or try to slip past me at the gate.  He seems very happy to have a place to play and friends to share it with.

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