Summer crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Here is her story.

Summer's background:  My daughter rescued Summer from a county shelter about 1 1/2 years ago.  She had had a recent litter of pups.  They had all been placed, but no one seemed to want the mommy.  My daughter adopted her and brought her home to the family of 3 teenagers and 3 other dogs.  Summer was then about 8 years old.  She was always way overweight but seemed happy and healthy.  She loved playing on the farm and especially in the pond.  Mud was her favorite pastime.  A few months ago it was discovered she had diabetes.  She went on medication administered several times a day.  She deteriorated quickly.  She lost about half her body weight and went blind.  She followed my daughter everywhere.  Bumped into walls and furniture.  She was also in pain.  The only humane thing to do for this 9 year old Labrador was put her to sleep.  This was done the morning of  April 20, 2004.

Around noon, my daughter saw a beautiful rainbow.  She told my granddaughter that was the staircase God had sent down for Summer to go to Heaven.

Family events:  My son-in-law is a land developer and home builder in Snohomish, WA. about 45 minutes north of Seattle.  On Tuesday, April 20, 2004, several new upscale homes were set on fire.  It was Arson.  The "Earth Liberation Front" is claiming responsibility for setting the 'bombs'.  Their note to the paper said "you build them, we'll burn them".  The bombs were jugs of accelerant with long fuses lit.  The three bombs set in my son-in-laws houses had not gone off. The fuses had went out.

That evening my daughter knew that Summer had gone to be a Dog Angel for a reason.  Her wings had fanned out the flames of the bombs in their houses.

Can anyone now say Dogs don't go to Heaven?


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