Sully got a wonderful home with a school teacher and Pyrenees sister "FiFi".  All have bonded and are doing great.  He is close enough that I can go visit.  Thanks, Terry, for giving this big fella a home, love and patience.

1/27/10:  Sully gets more beautiful every day.   He enjoys being inside for human attention, but also enjoys playing with the other dogs.  His favorite game is pulling one of the other dogs across the floor by their tail.  Amazingly though, he is the submissive one in the pack.  He is on the bottom during wrestling matches.  He wants to be friends with all other dogs, even if they growl at him.  He is forgiving.

At 135 pounds and still growing, he is too big for small children.  Although gentle, he has been known to consider them as his 'goats' and that can cause parent problems. 

He has passed that 'terrible teen' stage and has come to the understanding that the humans in the house are the pack leaders.  He had typical 'guardian' (not guard) instincts, of his territory, but now understands when his human says a person is ok, he will be as accepting as his instincts allow.  Personally, I find that a good trait.  I trust their instincts more then those of humans.

Sully gets along great with other dogs.  He also knows how to have fun outside in the rain (and mud).

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