Maximus aka Storm


9/11/09:  Maximus is doing great.  He loves the puppy I kept from the Gr Pyr mother.  The puppy is 3 1/2 months old and weighs 34 pounds, just like Maximus.  Such a funny puppy.  He is solid black, and the rest looks just like a Gr Pyr.  I can only thank you once more for Maximus.  As a widow, I still miss my husband very much and Maximus has been a loyal companion through it all.

Max and the puppy, Big Black Sambo, are doing just great.  Max is SO smart.  If it has been raining outside, he stops in the utility room on the way in so I can dry him off.  He knows several word commands, but still doesn't mind well.  He is very hardheaded.  Sambo is almost 50 pounds now.  He looks like a solid black Great Pyr.  He is much more agreeable to minding than Max.  Max and Sam are so sweet together.  There is a lot of shelter on my back porch, but they still try to get under my house.  I am arranging to get a doghouse for them.  On Social Security it is very hard to have enough to buy extras.  I still get them all their shots and heartworm tabs, though.
They are my faithful companions.
Will send you a picture when I get them developed.   Sally
my new Great Pyrenees had10 puppies with a Don Juan black lab.  Got her as a stray and didn't know she was preggers.  They are 2 weeks old and weigh 4 pounds apiece.  Are black all over except for white markings on chest, tiptoes, and tails.  What a bunch.  Want a puppy!  I have homes for 5 already.
Thanks ever so much again for Storm/Maximus.  He is a big, goofy blessing.  Sally


Sorry I haven't written.  Maximus is just fine.  He is a beautiful, vibrant young dog.  Still growing, of course.  He weighs about 90 pounds.  He is so very affectionate.  He sleeps in the bed with me and his cat.  He runs full out in the back yard and he is beauty in motion.  We usually play at night in the dark for about half an hour.  He loves to play chase.  We walk a mile a day in the neighborhood and he loves it.  He is quite the character and has dozens of friends.  He is very gentle and all my neighbors love him.  He now has a booming bark and uses it appropriately.  Since I live alone, he is very protective and I always feel safe.  You wouldn't believe that he is the same animal.  He is just a giant jokester, playing tricks on me and the cat, his precious companion.  He is so good to his cat, allows him to eat, and drink, and sleep with him.  He loves to ride in the car and we go everywhere.  He loves PetSmart, where he can pick out his treats and soak up all the attention.  He goes to obedience class and has learned a lot.  But his attention span is easily broken.  Let a small child walk by and you can kiss the session goodbye.  He dearly loves children and goes wild when my grandchildren come, very gently, but he barks and jumps around a lot.  He is my treasure and I am so grateful to you for giving him to me.  His crooked legs don't hinder him at all.
Thank you for checking up on him.  He's worth it.   Sally
Storm with his new family and friends in Louisiana  

12 weeks old   8/17/06      

10 weeks old

8 weeks old