Spirit 2

5/15/15:  On 11/22/14  Spirit 2 was a goat guardian until her owner passed away.  Just hours before I was able to get her, she was hit by a car.  Her pelvis was broken and fractured in 3 places and her leg was knocked out of the hip socket.  Just 6 weeks later she was re-x-rayed and the pelvis was fully healed correctly and miraculously her leg went back into the hip socket.  Aside from some future arthritis she may suffer in the hip, she is in great shape and healthy.  She is definitely a miracle girl. 

She gets along with other dogs.  She would probably be ok with cats. She would be fine around goats.  Not sure on chickens.  She has a very people loving nature and would be good with infants and elderly and all ages in between.  She walks good on leash and rides good in the back seat of a car.   She has good house manners.  She is a very loveable girl.