Shadow aka Spirit

4/01/10:  Shadow is visiting for a few days. 
Aug 2009:  Shadow is doing great.  She was back for a brief visit while her mommy, Carol N. was out of town for several days.

6/23/09: Spirit has a forever home locally.  She will be joining her new family on June 25th after she is spayed.  She had a bath today and was a good girl.  She looks so pretty with all the mud and mats gone.

6/19/09: Spirit is a sweet girl who is a little timid around other dogs until she gets to know them.  She loves to explore and found the mud in the creek bed to lay in to stay cool.  She has been very cooperative as I work to get the mats out of her coat. She gives little kisses when I pet her.  She also offered her paw when I reached out.  She knows how to shake hands.  Still a little nervous on leash because she had been living on a tether.

She is about 10 months old and still has some growing to do.  She is only about 60 pounds.  She will be small for a Pyr.

Her new mom
hiding and unsure
before the bath
Before she came here