We named you "Memor"

   I didn't understand why he called at all.  "A dog someone has left behind the hospital" he said.  We ran out expecting to see you running loose.  "We don't see a dog!" we shouted back to the others inside.  Just then we saw it...your box on the very corner of the building placed directly under the light.

How could he have seen what was in that closed box driving by? He had to have been involved to know you were a dog.  Worse yet, how could he have known and seen and just left you there? 

We thought maybe you were a pup so brought the box inside before opening it so you wouldn't run away. But we should have known when we nudged the box and you didn't move or make any noise. 

We soon found out it was because you had already gone.  Our concern turned to horror as we unwrapped the blanket inside your box.  It wasn't the smell of the urine and feces you were covered in that turned our stomachs and made us almost vomit.  It was the site of you.  "Surely starved to death!" we said. As we could see every single bone.  If there was a number on the body index scale lower than 1 you would have been even lower than that.  Merely a skeleton with matted fur.  You didn't look extremely old...no gray.  You wouldn't have looked so bad if you had some fur on your back.  But with nothing but skin next to your spine we could practically see through you. 

"Call *69!" I said.  "There's no way that man could have known what was in this box !  He had to have been the one!" who left you out there in the dark in the cold all alone.  We did what we could but your heart had already stopped.  Were you alive when you were put in that box?  I hoped not.  How could anything live so thin... you must have been down a long time in that condition.  Possibly even in a coma...I hope your brain shut down fast so you did not feel the pain and suffer wondering why you were alone in a box you must have been so cold with no body fat at all.  The SPCA said we did a good thing in calling *69 they would have a lead.  They came out and took pictures of the box and where it sat and how it couldn't have been seen from the road.  They took pictures of you.  Your matted black and white fur.  Your tortured little body. 

He stayed for your necropsy as we all learned of your torture.  A broken rib on the left side.  7 broken on the right.  Blind from malnutrition and teeth almost rotted out of your mouth.  You were spayed at one point, did someone love you when you were small?  Or did you never have a good life at all?  What happened to you exactly?  How could they?  Why would they?  And after they did...why did they leave you for us to find?  What was the point of that?  Why did they call...It doesn't make sense.  If you were still alive...is that why they did it...right before you died did they grow a conscience?  I'm sorry it was too late for you.  We hope they find who is responsible! We did the best we could.  I'm so sorry all this cruelty was your life.  and it was too late for us to do anything for you.   crying

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