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Sissy crossed the Rainbow Bridge Aug. 5, 2013

Sissy will be 9 years old April 2011.  Always the typical Anatolian attitude that she is smarter then us and we should cater to her.  Now old and fat like me, we have a kinship more then ever.  She sleeps on the bed most of the time, sandwiching me between herself and Sweetness.  She needs a bench to get up there. 



She enjoys the 'dog' room.  The thrift store sofas were great, but also tasty.  Not long before the cushions were demolished.  But the dogs know it is their room and they can decorate it any way they want.   Sissy actually spends most of her time outside.  Although she was not raised as a guardian dog, the instinct is still there.  She has day patrol while Katey takes night patrol so Sissy can sleep in bed with us.

This looks yummy!

Why did mom put my
food bowl up here?

 a conversation with Sasha

Enjoying the snow

The bed is good.  Sissy always starts early to reserve her spot.  There are some rare moments when she sits on the sofa or claims a new rug for herself.

Ella was adopted at the same time, but she was very alpha and would become dog aggressive without warning.  After 2 'stitch requiring' incidents, we returned her to the shelter (telling them she needed to be the 'only dog' in the home).  It was heartbreaking, but we feared for the other dogs safety.  Now, over a year later, we think we would have had the skills to handle it and solve it.  God bless you Ella, where ever you are.  We miss you.

"What snow ball?"




She was also curious and destructive.  She ate the wall to wall carpeting, chewed the banister, pool table and furniture.

 "You want me to fold my blanket?"

"Is this good enough?"

"Now you want me to iron!!??

Mud? I suppose now I'll need to vacuum!

Sissy was about 4 or 5 months old when we got her from the animal shelter in Sept. 2002.  Someone had removed several inches off the end of her tail.  She was starved, yet still weighed 48 pounds.  For her Anatolian breed, that was light for the age.  She was also obviously abused.  She was not shy, but cautious. 

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