2/20/17:  Shiloh rarely limps.  Doing great.  Always sweet.

1/13/17:  Shiloh is completely recovered.  Due to computer crash, I will be taking new pix soon and getting them posted. 

9/3/16:  Shiloh is camera shy.  She is active.  I just can only catch pix when she doesn't notice me. 

8/12/16:  Surgery went well.  Two plates and 6 screws.  The bionic leg!  The bandaged leg is NOT the broken one.  Her pad was nearly torn off.  That was the hang up for her release.  Instead of 2 days at Mizzou, she was there 9.  But it is finally healing well.  The support is heavy and she clumps along.  She is worn out walking out to potty. 

7/18/16 Arrived with shattered front leg and torn pad.  Looking at 4 to 6 months and she will be 'good as new'