Easter 2010:  Shiloh and Jason play while others watch.

 3/20/10: Shiloh has figured out the doggie door on her own.  Loves being inside.  Bear wants to meet her, not eat her!  All the dogs are completely passive with her and she with them.

3/19/10: Shiloh is a real sweetheart. She went straight to the groomers from my picking her up. She was a mess! Now she is adorable. The groomers said she was one of the sweetest dogs I've brought in. She said when she was cleaning her rear end, Shiloh reached around and gave her a kiss. She said in all her years as a groomer she has never had a dog do that before. Obviously Shiloh was very happy to be cleaned up.  Once home she did not want me to leave her. She is an extremely affectionate girl. She ever so gently raised up and put her paws around my waist as if to hug me and say 'please stay here'.

She is getting acquainted with the other dogs and fitting right in. She is a little rough on leash as it is a new experience. Riding is also a new experience. Coming home from the groomers, she sat in the back seat of the car and was a perfect lady. Getting in and out will take a little work, but once she knows it is a safe place to be, I'm sure she will be excited at the riding adventure.

She is Komondor and Great Pyrenees mix and has double dews. She turned 1 year old on Feb 4th.  She will be health checked Tue. 3/23 and spayed. She is already current on shots and preventatives.

Before the bath