General Sherman
1/10/12:  Sherman was moved from the nursing home when the administration changed. Long story short, a lot of misinformation was passed around and a good Samaritan took Sherman because he believed he was going to be euthanized.  I believe he will be staying with this person.
Sherman has been adopted by a corporation!!  Here is the first report from Sherman's new 'Nursing Home gig'. 
4/14/11: We have been home for several hours. He seems a little nervous but is very observant and watching everybody. The
residents love him and one that never talks to any one told us a dog joke. Here it goes. What is the difference between a black
dog and a white dog? Well the color of course. This lady never talks. How amazing is that. Well tonight is our first night so wish
us luck. Thank You, Pam
Sherman is settling in really nicely. We had a poopie in the hall but that was from a couple of the residents giving him
their pimento cheese sandwiches. He has brought everyone together loving and caring for him. The residents take turns brushing
him, he may be BALD soon. He is shy and jumpy still but getting better everyday. I was up here off and on all weekend and even
the weekend crew loves him. We are doing well so far and know that we still have a lot to learn about each other. Here are a couple
of pics. Pam
4/18/11:Sherman makes a friend in my daughter Megan. She is his little herd. He wags and bounces around like a pup when she 
comes to visit him.  She hasn't missed a day yet. Pam

Sherman is affectionate and very sweet natured.  No food issues.  Gets along with all the other dogs he has met.  (including Sully in the second photo).  He has separation anxiety so will need help to overcome being away from his people, OR be with another dog when his people are away.  He just does not like being totally alone.  

 He is about 3 years old and 98 pounds.  He has been neutered, brought UTD and HW test negative.


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