5/22/10:  Shep had his first modeling job.  We had to take a bedding pattern and display it in a bed room for a contest at work between all the stores.  We used Shep in our picture. The buyer in Chicago loved him and gave us extra points for the cute dog.  I finally have been able to send some pictures to you.  I hope they come out all right.  Shep likes to lay down when he eats.  We are still battling the ear infection. Had a set back last week the vet tried a new cleaner and he was allergic to it.  Had to put him on benadryl for a couple of days, but he is better now and his ears are almost cleared up.  We went to my sisters' in Estes Park last weekend.  Shep met the Newfoundlands.  He is the first dog to visit that can go both up and down the spiral stairs with no problem.  Most can go up but not down.  Have to go now we will be talking to you soon.    Thanks again,  Deb

4/24/10: First email from Shep's forever family: 
Sorry it has taken me so long to update you on Shep's progress.  We have all fallen in love with him.  He is such a clown.  He gets so happy he can't control his body, he's legs go one way and his body goes the other.  I've been taking him on a three mile hike every day.  He really enjoys going on walks.  When we get home he spends the next couple of hours sleeping.  I have also, been trying to expose him to as many new things and people, as possible.  I took him to Petsmart and you will never guess who was there.  The Great Pyrenees Rescue of Colorado.  Of course, they all fell in love with Shep and wanted to know where he came from.  I also, took him to my work.  He attended the 5:30 managers meeting, and I am guessing ,his first elevator ride.  He sat in the middle of the elevator cocking his head trying to figure out the funny noises it was making.  He had a wonderful time walking around the store being petted by all the people that work there. We had our first snow, and he had a great time romping around and rolling in it.  I took Shep to the vet last Friday and everything checked out great.  He does have a ear infection we are working on getting rid of.  My vet loved Shep and wants a dog  like him.  I am sending your dog tag back to you today.  I can't thank you enough for giving us this opportunity to provide Shep with a happy home.  He has provided us with so much joy these past few week.  I can't wait to see what adventures are in store for us in the future.  I will  send you pictures as soon as I can get my son to show me how to get them off the camera and on to the email.
Thank you again,      Deb
Shep gets adopted:  The daughter of my friend and neighbor Nancy was visiting from Colorado and fell in love with Shep. Since I had met her and spent several days with the family in their home, it was a no brainer to let them adopt him.  I know he would have the greatest home possible.

When Shep came:  Shep is a sweet, gentle, agreeable guy.  He made friends with me quickly and got in my car with only a bit of reluctance.  Once in, it was obvious he likes to ride.  He watched as his old home went out of sight, eventually laying down for a little nap.  Once here, he was reluctant to get out, but then settled right in to his new surroundings. 

History: He is a 2 year old Pyrenees.  He began life as a family companion and guardian of 4 children.  When they had to relocate, they could not take him with.  He has been on a farm for the past year and does great with the goats, chickens and other critters.  He is very passive with other dogs.  He needs to be re-homed again because the family is now close to a busy road and Shep gets too close to the traffic.  Not chasing it, just unaware of the danger. 

He has been both an inside dog and an outside dog.  He could go to a hobby farm and be a combo dog where he could watch over a small herd while having indoor privileges and socialization.  Or he can go back to being a guardian over children.   He must have a large securely fenced area.

Freshly groomed

Before bath

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