9/8/11:  Shelby crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  It came so suddenly.  She had her morning walk.  She ate breakfast.  An hour later something just told me to go check on her.  She was in distress.  I could see the pain and the pleading in her eyes.  Straight to the vet.  I'm not medically technical, but Amanda called while Shelby was undergoing surgery.  Her chances of a healthy future were slim if she even made it through post op.  Her esophagus had split and her intestine had ruptured and she was full of infection.  Amanda said if she did not think I was making the right decision to let Shelby 'go', she would argue with me.   I just did not want her to suffer.  Although she was not a full time 'house dog', I did spend a lot of time in the shop with her.  She was happy in there.  A home of her own, with 24/7 stereo music, air conditioning, a spacious room all her own and a doggie door into a nice outside yard to lay in the sun.

I will miss her.  She never gave me any trouble.  Just a sweet old girl wanting love. 


Shelby is a sweet girl who really needs a family to call her own.  She had a family once, but they moved and left her behind.  She has this longing look in her eyes that just says "please love me".  She is good on leash and has excellent house manners.  She rides well in a car.  She is sweet, friendly and fine with most other dogs. 

She may have a light sensitivity to her eyes.  She squints in the bright sun, but then so do I.   She does need to be where it is cool and not outside in the heat.  She drank an excessive amount of water one 102 degree day and bloated, but she became ok with a lot of belly massage and some GasX.  I know it was the water because she finally threw it up and then her belly went completely back to normal.  No side effects.  She just cannot tolerate such heat. 

Not quite sure what breed mix she is.  Weighs right at 95 pounds.  I'm guessing she is 5 years old.  Just a mature (and sad) look in her eyes.