April 5, 2003 to June 7, 2003


In memory of our little sky blue eyed angel, Serena. Words can’t express how much you meant to us. You brought so much love and sunshine into all our lives in the short 1½ week's you were here on earth with us. I will never forget the first night you crawled up onto the couch and into my arms to take a nap, or the way you would look at me with those big blue eyes and wag your tail. We shed some tears for you as your playmates whine, look, listen, and lay by the door to the room where we had to keep you quarantined.

There will always be a dark empty spot in our hearts that few will ever find out about, wondering if we could have done anything different to keep you here with us a little longer. You put on such a brave face for all the things we had to do to treat you for parvo virus. You gave us hope when you were more responsive to us towards your journeys end, on earth. We never gave up hope nor expected you to leave us so quickly. But in the end you knew what had to be done. Crossing over to the other side of the rainbow, where you would be healthy again and could run, eat, and play all day with all the other special little angels. God has a plan for you. I hope our other little angels have greeted you in heaven. As for one day we will be with you all again to romp and play in the sunshine and we will never be separated again.

We love and will miss you little one!      

Darrel Bernard

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