Sasha Ann

1/26/14: Sasha Ann arrived 1/15/14.  She was born June 4, 2013.  Momma is a Pyrenees / ASD and daddy is a purebred Golden Retriever.  She is very social.  Good house manners.  Great with all the other dogs. Good on leash and in the back seat of a car.  In the 11 days she has been here and with free run of the house, she has not gotten into any trouble.  No chewing up things.  She will counter surf for food scraps, but she is learning not to do that.  Just a great puppy for only 7 months old. 

Weighed 74 pounds today. She is very solid and looks more like 65 pounds.  She will still grow some.  Probably reach between 90 and 100 pounds healthy weight.