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12/16/10:  Every time I look at our beloved Sasha, I think of you rescuing her and what a great life she has now with tons of hugs ALL the time and her sleeping at night on the guest bed plus any other time she can.  I don't understand why people bring dogs back either.  My goodness, the poor thing gets used to those people.  I guess some don't think of dogs as humans.. 
    Thanks for writing and have a good Christmas.  Last week I was looking at all of Sasha's pictures and love them all and especially the one of her laying head to head next to Bear.  I printed that off.  It is just precious.  I can't believe she is 6 already and that it will soon be 4 years that we have had her.  She has been a blessing to us.       
Ha ha, I laughed out loud about Sahara.  Our German shepherd knows when it is 4:30 each day.  We just say "are you hungry" and he goes nuts.  Elias puts a little broth in each of their dry food which they gobble up.  Sasha just loves treats and follows me to the garage for she knows that's where I keep them.  She really enjoys being outdoors in this pleasant weather.  But when it is crummy out, we have her in the house on the bed.  And of course she sleeps there every night.  Sometimes during the night she gets up and walks into our bedroom to get some hugs.  She's more affectionate than our other dogs.    Marilyn
I was thinking of you last night ...   I need to check your site sometime.  It's better I don't for I would just want to adopt all the Pyrenees.  Miss Sasha went in for shots several weeks ago and is doing great.   She was so nervous in the vet's office and we kept petting and hugging her to reassure her everything was just fine.  I had found at a garage sale some wooden steps, so Elias stapled an old rug on the steps, and up she walks into the back of the SUV with no problem.   We are going to have her groomed soon, now that spring is here but we don't have her shaved big time.  Just trimmed.  When she sees me coming with a small rawhide bone, her back end starts wiggling big time.  She's the only dog who gets that treat.  She would be content if I petted her 24/7.  I look at her and think, you are one lucky dog--for Carol rescuing you.  She gets so many compliments when she goes on her walks and when I tell people at garage sales that I have a Great Pyrenees, they are all impressed and say WOW!!!  She is an absolute JOY for us.
4/03/10:  I thought you would like to see two pictures of our precious dog.  She is the most affectionate dog we have had and comes all the time for hugs, kisses and attention.  She leans so close to us and would let us pet her all day long if we could.  She is a happy "child" and romps around with the other dogs.  And she loves her rawhide bones.  She gets all excited when I get one for her--the other dogs don't get any.  And she goes nuts when she goes on her walks.   She cries and runs up and down the hallway in our house while we are getting ready.  She slips and slides on the laminate flooring for she is so excited.  And she loves to 'splore while on the walk, smelling and checking out things in the woods and along the stream.  It's already been 3 years since we have had her.  Seems like yesterday.  She is one pampered animal (ha).
       Have a nice Easter.  :)    Marilyn

12/16/09: Hi Carol: Sasha is outside woofing. She loves to woof and we wonder that she doesn't get hoarse (ha). We tease that she woofs at the air! But she is so alert with her hearing and nose and with 16 other dogs in the immediate area, all fenced in, there is always somebody to bark about.

12/15/09:  Thanks for your note..... I can't even imagine what it must cost to maintain all those lovely animals. I periodically check your site and ooh and aah over all the puppies and the dogs too.
      I just now let Sasha in. She likes being outside; must be her breed. But as soon as she comes in, she heads for the guest bedroom and cozies up with her head on the pillows and that is where she sleeps at night. She will take a break and come to me to be petted though I usually beat her and go in the bedroom to hug her.
       Yes, we have the CD of her as a baby, and we look at it every so often. I laugh about that one with the puppies and her standing over them.
June 15, 09: Sasha is just an absolute dear and gets hugged and petted constantly.  She loves that too.  Elias is as "bad" as I am about doing that and he dotes on her big time too.  People see her and say she is just gorgeous which she is.  It was meant to be for me to check the internet when I did and saw her waiting to be adopted.  Now I would have 100 dogs if I could, all to hug and love (ha).
     I was going to ask if you had a lot of damage from that ice storm earlier this year.  I thought about you guys with all your trees and know how bad ours was in 2007 and again in 2008.  We have lost 12 nice trees since that all happened, all ones we had planted over the years, so we still continue to replace them.  We are nature lovers as well as animal lovers.
     Thanks for your note.  I regularly check your site to see all those beautiful dogs.  :)     Marilyn 

June 10, 2009:   Right now Elias is taking Sasha on a walk down to the woods.  There is a paved walkway that the County put in, and they are gone almost an hour.  She gets so excited to go on walks and runs up and down the hallway, whining in excitement.  She knows how to push the deck door open with her nose when she wants to go outside.  Yesterday I was taking some items out the front door to put in the garbage cans for pick-up yesterday and I didn't close the door tight.  All of a sudden, out bounds Sasha, thinking she was going on a walk, and she ran across the road, heading south on the sidewalk, thank heavens.  Elias was out there so he tore after her while I ran in the house to get her leash.  About two blocks away Elias shouted heel, heel, and she stopped running so he could catch her.  Imagine it was quite a sight seeing him race after her.  We are so thankful she didn't run on the busy road, but that's how much she loves her walks.  When we go to our 40 acres near Branson in the fall, winter and spring, she loves to explore.  The hills are a challenge to her after an hour of running, and she slowly plods up to the SUV, panting away.  But the exercise does her good.  This morning she gets a brush.  We have her groomed periodically too.  She is a beautiful dog.
      She loves to lean as close to us as possible and licks our hands a lot.  Now in the summer she enjoys sleeping on the tile floor in our bedroom whereas in the winter she is up on the guest bed, all cozied up.  She gets tons of hugs and was such an answer for me after Misty died over 2 years ago.  I was really distraught, and Sasha has been such a "gift".   Thank you for allowing us to adopt her.  She was an answer to my prayer.   Marilyn

Sept 07: I'm attaching a few photos of our sweet dog.  The first two were taken last week after she had had a 45 minute walk so she was panting away.  The last 3 are her on our bed.  She loves that place.  Some nights if my husband goes to bed before I do, she will lie next to him, so then I sleep on the day bed in Kim's bed so she can stay on the bed.  The day I took these 3 bed photos, she saw me in the reflection of the mirror and was all confused, first looking at me, then at  me in the mirror, then back and forth.  She saw a white dog sitting there too but she didn't bark at that dog (her) for she was concentrating so much on two of me.  It was just so funny to watch. Wherever I am, she comes to be next to me.  She's like my shadow.  Guess she knows she will get lots of hugs and kisses.  As soon as I walk out of the patio door from our walkout basement, she comes bounding down the deck steps as fast as she can and runs between my legs to get hugged.  I hug her back end a lot when she does that.  :))     Marilyn
update 4/02/07: Saturday marked the 4 week time already of how long Sasha has been here.  She sleeps in our bedroom on her back with her legs out and it is so funny to see.  Yesterday when we came home from church, she looked at me through the glass door before I opened it to let her in, and her eyes lit up big time when she saw me.  A good sign of her adjusting to us.  I can see puppy in her for she approaches the other dogs and wants to play and it is cute to see her racing around.  We took Pepper and her to the vet Saturday for heartworm tests and she did great.  She weighs 96 pounds.  The vet didn't seem concerned about that.  She walks with Elias on Wednesdays for 3.5 miles in the woods and after this sale is over, I will be walking 3.5 miles every day and will take her with me.  I think then she will slim down somewhat.  Elias just loves her.  He was reluctant getting another dog when we were at your house for he said 5 dogs were too much.  However, he gravitates to her as much as I do and brags about her to other people.  He thinks she is just beautiful and smart too.  She has learned how to push open the back door to the deck.  She watched Pepper do that and now she can do that when she wants to go outside.  She thrives on the attention we give her.

What a sad story about your Frank.  No wonder Sasha likes to play with Pepper; probably reminds her of Frank.  The picture of her litter mates was just adorable.  While lap dogs are cute, we all are into the big dogs.  Sasha is warming up to our daughters and sons in law though still a bit skittish for a minute when they stop by.  But she is learning they give her hugs and pets, and we think she has done remarkable in this short period of time for adjustment.  We love her so much and imagine it was really difficult for you two to give her up.



From her new family:3/04/07: Sasha is just doing wonderful.  We went to church at 8 this morning and let her out with Mickey, our hound mix, and they did well together.  They spend a lot of time together.  Our German Shepherd and Sasha were romping across the back yard when we were eating breakfast.  He licks her constantly.  I don't know if he thinks it is Misty or it is because she is a girl.  The collie and Sasha sniff each other but then Trusty goes back to sleep again.  Heidi is the keeshond/chow mix and is so good to her too.  She did very good during the night.  We didn't hear a peep.  I think she was exhausted.  No accidents in the house either and I just love sitting and hugging and petting her.  She comes right in the house with the other dogs, and I think within a week we won't know that she hasn't lived here all her life.  I sometimes think it is harder for an adult dog to adjust than a little puppy.

I was telling people at church all about her and they just laughed and said Marilyn, you and your dogs.  They are right (ha).

We give treats to our dogs (little bones) and she is lined up with the rest of them, waiting to get a treat and whatever it is, she gobbles it up.  Tomorrow she and I are starting on our walks and hopefully I will shed some pounds and she may too though I expected a REALLY fat dog and she isn't like that.         Marilyn 

Sasha at her new home.

Sasha at her first home.  All grown up.

Growing & fading!! 
May 05 at 5 1/2 months 

July 1 at 7 1/2 months

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