Samson and friends Nov. 2012

Samson updates from his new home
10/13/09:  Sam is doing well.
He hates the rain and doesn't want to go outside when it's raining.
He's picking up in some of the training pretty well. He's got sit working on lay down. Any suggestions on "whoa" and recall would be appreciated. He has a playful and affectionate nature.  I got his tag over the weekend and will send yours back tomorrow ......He does pretty well on the leash as long as you stay on it, and after he gets some energy burned off he is just fine.
 Still owe you some pictures.    TW

10/03/09:   Thought you'd like to know Sam is doing very well. Seems to have adjusted very quickly. 
I've socialized him with my neighbors and girlfriend as well as her two dogs, a Catahoula and an Australian Red Heeler, both deaf. He loves that little red heeler.
I took him in to my vet Friday morning, and they gave him a thorough checkup, bordatella vaccination and cleaned his ears and a bath. He was very well behaved so I'm told.
I am out of town and my girlfriend is house/Sam sitting. I've got several pictures I'll send you when I get back.
8/12/09:  Samson has been pretty sad since his playmate got adopted.  He has been trying so hard to get the other dogs to play with him.  He loves to romp around, bouncing from place to place in the yard hoping one of the dogs will chase him.  He is just a big playful boy who is looking for someone to love him and give him attention.

On June16th a person called about a huge dog that he had been leaving food out for. He had just found the owner and when the owner came and got the dog and shot him!!! The dog had shotgun pellets in his ear, on his ear and in his neck. The vet got most of the pellets out. He has recovered nicely. Considering how much pain he must have been in, he was a real sweetheart when we picked him up. Obviously he is a great dog to have gone through so much misery and still be willing to give his trust and his heart to people so easily. We named him Samson.

He was groomed and what a handsome fella he is! The groomer said he was wonderful for his bath and nail trim. He is a wet mouth so he will need 'touch ups' in-between baths. Also expect a "Beethoven" shower of drool on occasion.

He has spent some time in the house and has not marked. I do believe being inside was a new experience. He behaved wonderfully. He met all the other dogs.  I don't think he ever had anyone, human or canine to play with.  He doesn't start trouble with other dogs, but if pushed too far, he may not back down.

Samson walks great on leash. He knows "leave it" and "sit". He is well mannered but does like to snuggle in close for loves and ear scratches. He rides good in the back seat of a car or crated.

He is huge! When we brought him home he was only 117 pounds because he had not eaten regularly. He should be nearing 140 which would be a healthy weight for him. He is 34" tall at the shoulders.

He is neutered, heartworm negative and UTD.    He is a big, strong, healthy boy.

Before the bath

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