3/26/16:  My name is Sally.  I donít feel very good, but I do feel a whole lot better then I did last year and all the many years before.  You see, my life consisted of being on a chain out in the yard.  They say it was at least 8 years.  I really donít know how old I am because no one every wished me Happy Birthday.  I donít remember anyone ever making me feel special.  At least not until I got off the chain and moved to rescue Jan. 1, 2016.  Start of a new year and a new life!

 I had never been in a house before, so I really wasnít sure what to do.  I did what I had always done; paced in circles.  Only this time it was in a big room and no chain.  After 2 weeks, I started watching the other dogs.  They had nice soft beds and there was even one for me.

 I got special food.  The other dogs were a little jealous.  They did not understand how sick I was.  The vet had checked my blood levels.  I was severely anemic and many of my levels were very low.  No one was sure I would recover.  After 6 weeks, my blood levels were normal and I was no longer anemic.  I underwent a spay and a major dental.  The vet said he was amazed that all my teeth could be saved.  No one had seen my teeth in a long time because my gums had infected so much that they covered right over my teeth.  It had been really hard for me to eat since I only had gums to chew with.  But all that home cooked food was so good, even though it was ground into mush for me to eat without having to chew.  I get kibble now.  Darn!! 

I donít walk to good.  It is called Hip Dysplasia.  I get some medicine so it does not hurt as much as it use to.  Sometimes I lose my balance and wobble.  I do still love a slow, short walk so I can smell the places where other creatures have been.   

I am still fighting an ear infection in both ears.   It smells really bad and I feel embarrassed.  The vet just did another culture.  This time it is being sent off to a special place.  So far the medicines have not been helping.  I really wish I could hear the sounds I remember from so long ago.  Birds singing.  Humans talking.  Other dogs barking.  Golly, I even wish I could hear myself bark.  I know I do, but I donít know how loud or pretty it is.  The vet does not know if I will hear again someday or remain deaf. 

Although I really like it here at the rescue, I wish I had my own family.  I wonít be any bother.  I sleep a lot.  I will require ear medication.  I might require a special diet if the culture comes back showing I should not eat certain things.  My ears may stink all the timeÖ. But I donít fart (some sure do) and I donít perspire (no dog does) and my breath is no longer bad (since I have healthy teeth and gums).  I just need that special someone who can overlook my old age and love me for however long I get to stay on this earth. 

2/28/16:  Sally is on her way to a healthy body.  Dental is complete.  All her teeth were saved.  She is now spayed.  Non-malignant tumors removed. Ear infection healing.  Blood levels within normal range.  HW and Ehrlicia negative.  She should be eating kibble in about 2 weeks when her gums heal.  Her sweetness is improving because her pain is decreasing.  She does have some arthritis in a back leg and some minor hip dysplasia but typical of a senior dog.   She needs a loving senior human to cuddle with for her remaining years. 

2/2/16:  Sally is 8 years old.  She spent her whole life on a chain.  All she knew was to pace in circles, which she did for the first 2 weeks here.  It was hard for her to understand she could walk anywhere she wanted.  It was hard for her to understand she did not have to stay outside and lay on the cold, hard ground.  Her collar was so matted into her neck that it took very careful and patient snipping to get it off.  Her coat was so matted, especially between her legs that she had trouble walking.  The doggie door was a challenge so we removed the flap.  She was still uncertain.  Staying inside was a whole new experience.  She became comfortable being inside.  It took a month before she would lay on a soft bed. 

She was very anemic.  She had many very low levels on blood work.  She could not chew hard food (kibble) because her teeth were in such bad shape.  She has weakness in her back legs but it is improving. 

Sally has been here about a month.  She is still not quite ready for adoption.  Her blood levels will be checked next week.  If they are in the normal range and she is healthy enough, she will have extensive dental work so she can chew kibble again.  She will have a separate surgery to be spayed because she would be under anesthesia too long for both the spay and dental.

She gets along with the other dogs.  She is good on leash and in the car.  Good inside manners.  She is just an old girl who needs someone to love her for her remaining years.  Something she has never known before.