Beethoven & Harley

Beethoven has your more typical Saint markings.  He is huge!  He is 3 years old and stands 36" at the shoulders and can rest his chin on the top of a 6' fence when he is up on his hind legs.  He must be an inside dog.  If left outside alone, he will go over a fence in the blink of an eye and go visiting all the neighbors.  He recently went on a walk about with Harley.  After strolling the neighborhood, crossed a field and walked into a $2,000,000 residence and made himself at home.  (They have good taste in living accommodations). Smelling of skunk from an earlier walk about ... well, you get the idea.  He is not good with cats and too big for children.  He's a 'bull in a china shop' and does not realize his size nor strength.  
Harley is a real sweety.  He's the follower.  Smaller and gentler, but still a big powerful boy.  He must be an inside dog.  He too, will jump a fence if left alone outside.