Saidy May

Dear Saidy May  was with us for 18 years. My daughters best friend!, Her whole name is Mersaides May Graham. I knew she was going to leave us soon and kept praying God would take her in her sleep, but He didn't.  She went into seizures and our vet couldn't save her nor did I want her to suffer any longer as the last year was terribly hard on her. She was born in Portland Oregon. A couple of kids gave her to my daughter because there Dad was going to kill her. She was just a handful and smart as a whip!! She was my daughters (Dawneen) constant companion.  She moved with us to upstate N.Y. She learned to herd the cows into the barn for me. My daughter taught her to heard her turkeys too. Saidy never had pups but she fostered many pups and even kittens! She got along with all domestic animals, but if you were a dear or a varmint, lookout Sadie's gonna get you!! Clear up to 15 years old Sadie would chase the varmints! She'd turn into a teenager all over again at the smell of a varmint!! She lost a toe in a beaver trap and got hit by a school bus. My daughter came running up the drive "Oh mom the bus just hit Saidy!! I yelled Saidy!  She got up on 2 legs and ran up the drive to me, took her to the vets not a broken bone. Her eye was swollen and she was quite bruised. I carried her in and out for a couple weeks and when she did get out on her own she would walk on those 2 legs!! She amazed me!! Well Saidy left us on Dawneen's 25th birthday!! What a terrible day to leave us!! Dawneen wasn't home to be with her in her last moments and I don't think she could have buried her neither. We miss her everyday .

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