Sahara has become my 'heart' dog.  I am her goat.  She is my guardian.  She tells me when to get up, when to feed, when to go to bed and when to turn off the TV.  She sleeps in the doorway on the bedroom, monitoring the other dogs coming and going.  She will explore the property but she would never leave.  The driveway is as far as she will venture.  If the gate gets opened and the others take off, she does not leave.  This is her home, I am her responsibility and she takes it all very seriously and with great love.
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Goofy & Sahara

Sandy, Sweetness, Parker, Sahara & Goofy

Sahara & Zelda with foster pups



Keeton, Sweetness & Sahara: March 09

Sahara & Keeton


Sahara & Duke

Sahara & Velvet

Sahara Ice Storm of 1/26/09

Before I decided she could not be re-homed: 

7/19/08:  Sahara is becoming quite a beautiful girl. Her coat is bunny soft, unlike any Pyr I have ever had. She is loving, protective, secure in her surroundings and finally, reasonably secure with people.  She will finally walk on leash without being afraid.  She is fine with car rides, but is a little frightened when a car passes on our walk.  I do not feel she is comfortable enough yet to be around small children.  She would not hurt them, but they might frighten her back into insecurity.  She has the deepest bark I have ever heard!  Luckily she only uses it when she feels something is not as it should be.  

 Sahara had knee surgery  4/16/08.


She has recovered completely.

3/12/08: Sahara has become quite social and is making great strides at overcoming her fear of people.  Having lived her life in a goat field, she had never had human contact before her and her pups were 'captured', in December, thrown in a crate and transported to where the rescue could save her and her pups.  She now comes and goes through the doggie door, socializes with all the other dogs, and never gets into anything.  She is housebroke.  Food is not a big deal for her.  She rides fairly well in a car, and that is rapidly improving.  She also does well on leash, only likes to go in circles around your legs.  She will get the hang of it soon.  She is a Great Pyrenees, about 1 1/2 years old and 75 pounds. She has shed off her winter coat since she has been able to come inside at will.  She will fluff out in the fall. She is spayed, current and healthy.


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