Sadie D

9/24/18:  Sadie has been back a week.  She is now part of the Sanctuary.  Returned for the third time through no fault of her own.  This last time due to adopter illness.  She is happy to be back and has adjusted right back into her old routine.  I missed her and am not sorry to see her back! 


1/28/18:  Sadie and Hudini got adopted together.  They have settled in just fine.  I'm so happy for them. 
6/25/16: Sadie D is all grown up.  Sometimes our life turns upside down and dogs must be returned.  Sadie D is a really sweet girl.  She fit right into the house pack.  She likes the water.  She seemed uncertain of grass under her feet.  She tried to "fluff" the area rug.  She does really well on leash.  She learned the doggie door right away.  She is looking for her people but hopefully she will have a new family that will help her through the grieving process. 
When Sadie D (formerly Dena) was a puppy (May 16, 2012)