Sadie Ann
5/9/11: Sadie Ann has went to another rescue in TN.  I will post the link soon.  If you are interested in her, you may still contact Ozark Dogs.

5/5/11: She shows more and more every day how smart she is.  She is walking on leash already!!  She had to spend one night again in her 'apartment' kennels and did not even 'go' on the puppy pads.  She 'held it' for 8 1/2 hours until I took her outside in the morning.  She is with Hanna and Hanna is teaching her to be an exceptionally good girl.  She is absolutely up there with Monkey aka Niko, when it comes to being an exceptionally smart puppy; a totally trouble free baby.

4/25/11: Sadie Ann was running across a busy road this morning and hit by a car! She was rushed to the vet and checked over. Luckily she was only skinned up. Needless to say she is terrified. It is obvious she had been on her own for several weeks. She is extremely thin. She is very scared but warmed up quickly to human touch.

When one of the old Pyrs came in the room, she totally freaked. I would say she has been attacked by other dogs or possibly pushed aside by her litter mates (on which I am sure are out there somewhere needing rescued and cared for).

There has been a stray Pyrenees in the area for some time so it is believed this is one of her puppies. The father could be any breed. Sadie Ann does not have hind dew claws. She is only about 7 to 10 weeks old from judging by her tiny baby teeth. She is going to be a BIG girl! I would guess her to be 15 pounds even as skinny as she is. She is tall and lanky.

Other then being really thin, the vet said she appeared healthy. She has had her first puppy shot. She will be spayed when she has gained some weight.

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