5/17/13     Sadie Crossed the Rainbow Bridge


Xmas 2008

Jan. 2009

April 2009
Nov. 14, 2008: Hi Carol,  I adopted Girl C from you back in January. She is truly a precious gift to our family we love her and she us.  She is sooo spoiled, she is such a great breed, the best choice for us.

Thank you Carol, I will send you pictures.
Jan 29, 2008:  Hi, i attached some pics of her on this email. She is doing great and is almost house broken! We named her Sadie and she is very affectionate to everyone. I will call u .

Feb 26, 2008:    Hi Carol, here are some pics of Sadie with my kids. She is an absolute joy. We love her to death. She is a good puppy.   Linda

Sadie is one of 8 puppies which came with their momma Sahara.  Momma was a goat dog and had never had human contact.  The puppies are all loving socialization and interaction with humans.

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