Sadie May

September 2009:   While on vacation I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Suzanne and Tom, Sadies' forever family.   Tom had such wonderful stories to tell of Sadie going with him to the nursing home and her devotion to the patients there.   Sadie is such a lucky girl. 
July2009 snail mail update:  Sadie continues to adjust daily to her new home and is a happy, sweet girl.  She has brought so much love and joy to our lives. We took her on her first vacation with us to Telluride and she had so much fun.  She was a big hit at the hotel and she made lots of friends everywhere she went.  She went on a gondola ride to the top of the mountain and loved all the wildflowers.  She has found all the little places around the house to sleep and loves her little blanket. We are spending cool summer evenings on the front porch and taking walks on trails near our house. Sadie also goes to the nursing home a few days a week and is perfectly behaved and has lots of love to give the residents.  She does "sit up and beg" for everyone and it is always cute as can be.  Thank you again for saving her and bringing her to us!  Sadie sends her love to you! 





emails from her new family.

6/02/09: Hi Carol!  Sadie is here safe and sound.  She was a little freaked out from the drive and all the dogs at the pick up spot, but she relaxed a lot when we got her out of the van and gave her some love.  She is next to me right now with her head under my arm.  What a sweetie!  We are already in love with her.  She is such a good girl, we just can't get over her cute personality.  Thank you, thank you, for saving her and bringing her into our lives! 

We can work with her on stairs.  I think Sadie's desire to be wherever we are at all times will be an incentive for her to learn the stairs.  We made a bed for her downstairs last night, and when I came down this morning she was lying upside down on it with her legs all sprawled out everywhere.  When I said "oh, you found your bed" she started wagging her tail like crazy (still upside down).  She is too cute with all her tail wagging.  She wags her tail if we just look at her.
       Her appetite seems good - she must have been starving from her travels, she ate as soon as we put her bowl down last night, and this morning when I came downstairs I put the bowl down again and she went right to it.  She sort of hesitated at first, but then I just went about my business making coffee and she ate without any prompting.  She has been drinking a lot of water too (maybe because of the altitude or drier climate here).  I just filled her bowl up in the sink in the kitchen.  So far I get the impression she is going to like being the only dog and the center of attention.  I was worried she would feel lonely without other dogs but she has been fine.  She also played well with our neighbor's dog today (an australian shephard/border collie mix) so she has a new friend (and he is certainly smitten with her).
6/04: She still likes to squeeze into tight little spaces - I can't believe she can make herself so little!  You are right, it does look uncomfortable, but apparently she likes it. 
       The big news is she ran upstairs this morning.  Tom and I sat at the top of the stairs and encouraged her and apparently she couldn't take being so far away from us so she just ran up in a giant burst of energy.  She is still a good eater and drinking a lot of water.  She must need it so I just leave a big bowl of water out for her all the time - she also likes to sleep by it.  When she first got to the house she peed on the carpet once, but I think she was just so discombobulated from the trip and had not relieved herself in awhile so she couldn't help it.  Since then, no accidents.      
       The other thing that happened is I woke up last night because she was downstairs barking about something (first time we had heard her bark).  I put a nightlight in for her so she would have some light to see her way around a little better in her new surroundings.  When I went downstairs she was standing up and staring at a big shadow of herself on the wall created by the nightlight.  So no barking at mirrors, but now she is barking at her shadow.  I reassured her it was okay and moved the nightlight and she was fine after that.  What a funny girl.

6/06/09 More Photos  (when the window pops up asking where your debugger program, just click X several times and photos will load) We visited my husband at work at the assisted living facility today and Sadie was a big hit with the staff and residents alike. She is so sweet and loving with everyone - I think she is well on her way to her new role as a therapy dog. Everyone loved her "sit up and beg." She is much better about getting right in the car to go places - but she insists on siiting on the floor of the passenger side - as you can see from the pictures.

Below: the day before Sadie headed to her new home.

5/03/09: Sadie May had spent her entire life with her sister in a field watching over goats. The owner no longer had need for them and was going to shoot them.  They were taken to a shelter for safe keeping until transportation could be arranged, but they escaped. They wanted to go back to their goat family.  Sadie was caught, but sadly her sister is still somewhere out there roaming the countryside. 

Sadie May is a beautiful girl with a wonderful disposition.  She is housebroke and really appreciates being inside.  She will find a spot in a corner where she can watch her people, but look up at her and say her name and she is right there sitting at your feet for love and attention. She basically just likes to be where people are.  She is extremely social and loving.  When I quit petting her, she moves in closer and will nuzzle her nose in my neck.  She is learning the doggie door, but in the meantime, she has already been able to alert me to when she wants out.  She is making great progress in learning to walk on leash.  She is fine on care rides both in the back seat or crated.  She does prefer the back seat where she can peek her nose through to see where we are going.

I have not discovered any bad habits. No counter surfing.  No picking up stuff that is not hers. She has no aggression issues.  Attention is more important then her food.  She gets along with all the others dogs here including the neighbors dog who comes to visit. She is great with other LGD's and other breeds of both sexes and all sizes. She is fine with cats. 

She had her first bath ever and her first vet visit ever.  She tolerated both. Fortunately she got a clean bill of health and is now spayed and current on her shots and preventatives. She is about 3 years old.  In some point in time she has had puppies.

Because of her devotion to family, a 6' secure fence is required.  Once adjusted and comfortable in her forever home, she would not run away, but she would come looking for her people if left alone outside. 

Sadie May would make a great people companion.  I'm sure she would love children.  I also think she would make a great therapy dog.   She has become so attached to people that I think her goat days are gone.

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