3/12/09: Rusty has been adopted.  He will have 2 teenagers and a toddler and a stay at home mom to keep him busy.  Thanks Elizabeth for offering him such a great home and family.

I first spotted Rusty (for lack of a better name right now) right after the Jan 26 ice storm.  I thought he belonged to my neighbor but he did not.  When I went back to look for him, I did not see him.  Today (3/01) he showed up at my house.  He is very thin and was very hungry.  He is a really sweet boy.  He gets along with the other dogs and wants to be friends with them.  If they don't want to be social, he takes the warning and goes over and lays down.  He has no food issues.  A little unsure at first, it only took him a few minutes to begin to trust us.  I suspect he has been chased off by a lot of the neighbors since I fist saw him almost 2 miles from here. I'd guess him to be under 1 year old and quite possibly purebred Golden Retriever.